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The Ministry of Environmental Protection published the implement on the Progress of "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action"

According to the introduction of the MEP, the State Council departments to actively implement the "water ten" made progress. Environmental Protection Department will be timely summary, regularly compiled "Water Pollution Prevention briefing on the work," to the State Council and the country, the relevant departments informed "water ten" implementation progress, work experience, to jointly promote the "water ten" implementation. End of this September, "Water Pollution Prevention briefing on the work" has been released five times. On "Water 10" implementation, the most critical are the following four points; the water pollution control consultative mechanism, the relevant supporting policies, objectives responsibility assessment methods and work, currently enhancing. According to "Water 10" requirements, local people's governments at all levels to implement the "Water 10" subject to water pollution control were formulated and published the work program before the end of 2015, year by year to determine the key tasks sub basins, sub-regional, sub-sector and annual targets, the State Council for the record.

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